Rundle and Dorey

Why Choose Rundle & Dorey

At Rundle & Dorey, we really are dedicated to what we do. We do not undertake any other type of work but rather specialize in what we do and ensure that we do it well.

Rundle and Dorey Complaints Procedure for the Midlands

Here at Rundle and Dorey we are specialists in conservatory insulation. Having worked in our industry for over 20 years, we have all the experience needed to provide our customers in the Midlands with quality services. So, on the rare occasion we receive a complaint, we are passionate about rectifying the problem as quickly as we can to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint about our services or customer care, we’ve outline our complaints procedure below so that you know what to do.

Contact Us with Your Complaint

Despite the work that we do, sometimes things can go wrong and there may be times when our customers may not be completely satisfied with the services we provide. If this happens, we ask that our customers contact us straight away. The sooner we are told about a complaint, the faster we are able to put things right.

So, if you are unhappy with our workmanship or the conservatory insulation we have installed, please call us today on 01945 479297 or send us an email to with a full description and attached photographs.

The Rundle and Dorey Quality Guarantee

Here at Rundle and Dorey, we are proud to provide all our customers with our quality guarantee. This means that any of the work we carry out will be completed to the highest standard possible. However, if you notice that any fault has develops with our workmanship or the materials we use within the first 10 years of installation, we will return and correct it completely for free.

If we are contacted by a customer with a customer complaint, we will work to have someone sent out by appointment and from the relevant department to fix the problem as soon as we possibly can.

Contact Us Anytime

Here at Rundle and Dorey, we are passionate about constantly working to improve. That’s why any customer complaint we receive we treat as an opportunity to improve the services we provide. So, if you have a complaint, please rest assured that we will work hard to rectify the problem completely, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the work we have done.